Flat Tummy Water – Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week

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Flat Tummy Water is one of the healthy drinks that is becoming more popular among people who want to lose weight naturally.

Everyone wants to achieve and maintain an attractive and fit body. But, it’s not easy to achieve a well-shaped and healthy body. In fact, many people resort to taking supplements to make the process of losing weight quickly.

Flat Tummy Water

Having a fit body doesn’t only make you attractive but also keeps you away from discomfort and diseases. Being active and physically fit is associated with having a brilliant and conscious mind.

Drinking Flat Tummy Water is a great help to weight loss, thus achieving the body that you desire.

What is Flat Tummy Water?

Flat Tummy Water is a healthy drink that includes health-proven and well-known ingredients that help fight bloat. Consuming sodium-enriched foods can cause digestive issues (1).

This drink can regulate the digestive tract and keeps the pathways clear making it easier to digest foods. Thus, prevents tummy bloating.

The combination of several ingredients doesn’t only make a flavorful drink, but also a powerful beverage that spares you from uncomfortable tummy bloat.

Flat Tummy Water Recipe

If you want to keep your tummy flat or get rid of bloating, you can consider making a pitcher of Flat Tummy Water. It’s very simple to make and the ingredients are easy to find.

fat lemon weight loss shake


You’ll need the following:

  • 1-liter drinking water
  • 10 to 12 slices of cucumber
  • 1 Lemon (Sliced)
  • 1 teaspoon grated ginger
  • 5 mint leaves
  • 5 basil leaves


  • Fill the glass jug with water
  • Combine all the ingredients and mix well
  • Add salt to taste and keep it in the fridge overnight

You can drink the beverage throughout the day. You’ll see noticeable results after several days of drinking the Flat Tummy Water regularly. You can include it in your daily diet or drink it after a hard workout.

Drinking it cold helps to burn fat and it can improve digestion, cleanse your body and relieve pain when you drink hot or warm flat tummy water.

Flat Tummy Water Nutrition Facts

Each ingredient present in flat tummy water has its own health benefits. So, to understand more about how this beverage can help you, it makes sense to know the nutrition facts.

  • Water

Water is life and it plays an important role to keep your body hydrated. Drinking water before meals can control food intake. Dehydration can oppose the fat-burning process that’s why it’s essential to drink an adequate amount of water. This will assist in a sufficient supply of oxygen to muscles and lubricate the joints (2).

  • Cucumber

Cucumber contains almost 95% water, thus it keeps your skin and body hydrated particularly when mixed with water. It also has anti-inflammatory compounds and can supply the daily vitamin K requirements of your body.

According to research conducted by the American Heart Association, cucumber contains potassium that can reduce the risks of developing cardiovascular disease, thus keeping your heart healthy.

  • Lemon

Lemons are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that boost the immune system. They also contain a good amount of pectin fiber that works on suppressing food cravings. Lemon can also be used to treat skin problems and detoxify the body.

  • Ginger

Drinking a hot ginger beverage can make you feel full, thus preventing overeating. Ginger contains flavonoids, gingerol and phenolic compounds that can remedy gastrointestinal irritation. It also increases energy while reducing weight. According to research, ginger has little to no calorie content but is filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties (3).

  • Basil leaves

Research showed that basil leaves are rich in beta-caryophyllene which helps to treat bowel disorders and inflammatory issues (45).

  • Mint leaves for flat tummy

The refreshing flavor of mint can suppress appetite and cravings. It can also relieve an upset stomach and improve digestion due to the powerful antioxidants present in it. Mint leaves improve the bile flow which is important in digesting fats. It prevents bloating by calming the muscles so that the gas can pass freely.

Flat Tummy Water Does It Work?

Bloating can cause discomfort in your stomach. Such a condition requires detoxification to get rid of unwanted toxins that cause bloating.

The Flat Tummy Water is a great alternative rather than drinking sugary drinks and soda. Unlike many weight loss supplements, this beverage works effectively not only to flatten your tummies but also to improve digestion and increase energy.

This healthy drink works in several ways:

  • Alleviates bloating

Flat Tummy Water regulates bloating by keeping the flushing of the digestive system regular. This eliminates irritants and toxins present in the digestive tract. All the ingredients have detoxifying properties that initiate internal cleansing. In fact, lemon works effectively in cleansing the system and at the same time speeds up metabolism.

  • Prevents water retention

Another cause of bloating is water retention. Drinking this beverage flushes out the excessive amount of fluids retained inside the body, thus water retention is prevented.

  • Counteracts inflammation

The ingredients of Flat Tummy Water have anti-inflammatory properties such as ginger, mint and basil. Ginger has the capability to fight both external and internal inflammation. Thus, it soothes and calms the digestive tract.

The mint also has anti-inflammatory properties that treat indigestion and flatulence. Likewise, the basil leaves contain eugenol which works similarly with anti-inflammatory medication. It alleviates inflammatory bowel disease and arthritis.

This healthy drink strengthens the immune system and cardiovascular system

Flat Tummy Water is known to be helpful for weight loss efforts. But, to achieve the best possible results, you should practice a healthy, balanced diet and workout routine. Likewise, you should be aware of what and how much you eat. Modifying your lifestyle can lead to achieving long-term weight loss.

Flat Tummy Water FAQs

  • When Is The Best Time To Drink The Flat Tummy Water?

If you are planning to lose weight quickly drink this water throughout the day.

  • How Long Do Lemons Last?

Fruit Infused Water Room Temperature Refrigerated
Lemon slices 3-4 hours 3 days
Whole lemons 3-4 weeks 4-5 weeks
Lime slices 3-4 hours 3 days
Cucumber slices 3-4 hours 12 hours
Mint leaves 3-4 hours 12 hours
  • How Many Days can I use the Lemon in the water that I Drink?

Lemon slices in the water last for 3-4 hours at room temperature and when refrigerated water will last around 3 days.

  • What container is best for storing infused water?

A glass bottle or jog is the best. You can also use any food-grade storage container.

Final thought

All the ingredients of this beverage are natural that’s why it is deemed to be safe to consume regularly. However, for anyone who has an allergy to any of its ingredients, then it is not recommended. Although it is safe, you should also drink plain water.

Prior to starting to drink Flat Tummy Water, you should consult first your healthcare provider especially if you’re under medications.

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